With our most demanded service, clients receive the benefits of a fully staffed EH & S department, as needed, while enjoying one affordable contract rate. This service allows clients to concentrate on business, while having peace of mind that safety compliance is being met.

Based upon an initial Regulatory Compliance Assessment (Gap Analysis) we provide each client with a confidential findings report, detailing exactly where they stand in relation to Cal/OSHA compliance. Using these findings, we assist the client in determining how their deficiencies are going to be corrected and the adequate level of monthly safety support needed. This is typically accomplished utilizing the client’s own internal resources combined with Du-All Safety’s specialists.

Once the level of safety support is chosen, a Safety Plan of Action is developed. This plan includes the development of required safety programs, the implementation of these programs, and all of the activity required to maintain compliance (employee safety training, regular inspections, record keeping, safety committee meetings, program review/updates, hazard analysis, monitoring, etc.).

A Du-All Safety Account Manager facilitates the Safety Plan of Action, drawing from our pool of safety professionals, as their specialties are needed. As safety priorities and needs change, the Account Manager is there to adjust the Plan of Action and make changes to the schedule.

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