Du-All Safety is available to conduct testing and assessment at the workplace to determine the severity of the hazards. Our services include noise surveys and audiometric testing to comply with your Hearing Conservation Program. We also provide medical clearance and fit testing to comply with the Respiratory Protection Program.

Noise Survey

Du-All Safety is available to come out with equipment and identify the noise levels of loud equipment and report on the findings. The report will include the noise level as compared to the OSHA TWA chart. The report will also identify the exposure group, the amount of time they can be exposed without hearing protection, recommend different types of hearing protection (ear plugs and ear muffs), identify the amount of time an employee can be exposed to the same noise levels using the recommended hearing protection.

Audiometric Testing (Hearing Testing)

29 CFR 1910.95(g); 8 CCR 5097. Du-All Safety provides hearing tests for businesses whose employees are tested annually as participants in a hearing conservation program. A mobile hearing van comes to you, so that we help control lost work time and better accommodate your company's production schedule and work shifts. All tests are performed by CAOHC certified technicians and all of the equipment and procedures fully satisfy OSHA/MSHA requirements.

Medical Clearance for Respirator Use

Du-All Safety's Licensed Healthcare Provider is available to offer the following options for required OSHA respirator medical clearance evaluations:

  • Client sends the completed OSHA Respirator Medical Clearance Questionnaire forms and the Respirator Usage Form to the Licensed Healthcare Provider. Some employees may be require to see a physician for additional screening.
  • Healthcare Provider comes on-site with their mobile medical office and provides: detailed review of the medical history OSHA respirator medical questionnaire, blood pressure screening, and pulmonary function test.

Respirator Fit Testing

Quantitative and Qualitative Fit Testing methods are available to determine the adequacy of the face-to -face piece fit or seal of a given tight fitting respirator. Du-All Safety utilizes “state of the art” PortaCount Plus apparatus for quantitative fit testing. This computerized system allows for exposure specific OSHA protocol requirements to be met and documented. Qualitative Fit Testing is a pass/fail test that is dependent on a subjective response from the respirator wearer using Bitrex solution.

Indoor Air Quality

Du-All is available to conduct indoor air quality sampling and interpretation to help you identify hazards in the workplace. Service offerings are listed in under the environmental compliance service section.

For a custom tailored safety program or evaluation, contact Mike Connelly.

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