On-Site Inspection

Inspecting workplace(s) to identify and correct unsafe and hazardous conditions is an essential part of every safety program. Du-All Safety is available to conduct site safety inspections and provide confidential written reports of the findings that prioritize each task with a risk assessment code numbering system. In California, Title 8 CCR 3203 requires "periodic safety inspections" of the workplace. Our safety specialist can inspect the following areas:

I. High-hazard areas

  • Machine shops
  • Auto shops
  • Carpenter shops
  • Wet labs
  • Production lines
  • Food processing areas
  • Heavy equipment operations
  • Construction operations
  • Hazardous materials storage areas
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water Treatment Plants

II. Medium-hazard areas.

  • Shipping & receiving
  • Dry labs
  • Manufacturing areas
  • Maintenance shops
  • Distribution areas.
  • Warehouses

III. Low-hazard areas.

  • Sales operations
  • Office, reception, and administrative areas
  • Office buildings
  • Storage rooms

Download a sample safety inspection report.

For a custom tailored safety program or evaluation, contact Mike Connelly.

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