Environmental Health & Safety Assessment Scope and Proposed Approach

  1. Client specifies areas/topics for the assessment. I.e. environmental compliance, safety compliance, facility operations, written programs, all of the above, etc.
  2. Du-All Safety will assign the assessment team with subject knowledge in the areas to be assessed.
  3. Contact information and documentation request list is reviewed with site contact or designee.
  4. Initial Information/Program gathering meetings are set with the site contact or designee
    • Conduct a walkthrough of Client locations
    • Interview Client representatives (i.e. safety coordinator, environmental coordinator, managers, supervisors, or designated employees who have specific knowledge of current operations)
    • Gather programs/documentation for assessment
    • Du-All Safety assessment team debrief
  5. Assess written safety programs/documentation
  6. Du-All Safety Assessment Team review meeting
    • Gap Analysis
    • Minimal Compliance Standard
    • “Best of the Class” Compliance
  7. Confidential regulatory assessment report is developed
    • Current Status
      1. Current status compared to minimal requirements
      2. Current status compared to Best of the Class
    • Du-All Safety Recommendations
    • Draft Safety Plan of Action
  8. Develop estimates for labor hours and resources required to manage and implement assessment recommendations.
  9. Development and delivery of final report
    • Findings
    • Recommendations
    • Risk Assessment
    • Training Matrix
    • Suggested Safety Plan of Action
    • Agencies’ Comments
  10. Assessment and Recommendation Presentation (Optional but Recommended)

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