An effective safety program can result in lowered worker comp insurance costs, increased productivity and improved employee morale. Du-All Safety can assist in developing comprehensive Safety & Health Programs tailored for your operations. Our safety services include site inspections, safety training, records retention, accident investigations, running the safety committee, updating written programs, policies and procedures.


The health and safety compliance assessment is conducted to identify regulatory compliance of Federal OSHA (Title 29 CFR) and Cal/OSHA (Title 8 CCR). A team of Du-All Safety professionals will review your facility’s existing written programs, policies, and related records. The assessment team will develop a confidential written report of findings, including risk assessments and a recommended safety plan of action for sustained health and safety compliance. The comprehensive safety compliance assessment can be conducted as a standalone project, or in conjunction with the environmental assessment.

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Written Programs

Du-All Safety develops site-specific written programs to meet regulatory compliance with applicable Health & Safety laws. A safety subject matter specialist will visit your facility and work with management to develop a program that will meet or exceed the regulatory requirements and assist in keeping your employees safe.

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On-Site Inspection

Inspecting workplace(s) to identify and correct unsafe and hazardous conditions is essential part of every safety program. Du-All Safety is available to conduct site Health and Safety Inspections and provide confidential written reports of the findings, prioritized with a risk assessment code numbering system.

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Job Hazard Analysis

Job Hazard Analyses (JHA), Job Safety Analyses (JSA), Codes of Safe Practices (COSP) and work site assessments are tools of the Safety Professional to communicate to workers the safest means of accomplishing specific tasks. Our safety subject matter specialists work with you to identify hazards, risk estimation, and risk evaluation in a consistent and practical manner. Our program will provide a framework so that your employees can carry out risk assessments on equipment, processes and facilities on an ongoing basis.

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Du-All Safety is available to conduct testing and assessment at the workplace to determine the severity of the hazards. Our services include noise surveys and audiometric testing to comply with your Hearing Conservation Program. We also provide medical clearance and fit testing to comply with the Respiratory Protection Program.

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For a custom tailored safety program or evaluation, contact Mike Connelly.

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