Hazardous Mat. and Waste

Hazardous Materials and Waste Management

Hazardous Materials

Du-All Safety offers training and written programs to maintain compliance with hazardous materials rules and regulations. We are available to develop programs to comply with the Department of Transportation hazardous materials security requirements and standard operating procedures for handling specific materials. We are available to complete chemical inventories, obtain material safety data sheets, and train first responders. If your facility handles hazardous materials, the following training may be applicable to your employees: HazWOPER, DOT HazMat, Hazard Communication, Environmental Compliance, and Hazardous Waste.

Facility Closures

Local regulatory agencies require specific notification, and sometimes a closure permit when a facility is permanently removing all or some of its hazardous materials. A facility closure plan demonstrates that hazardous materials at a closed facility have been transported, disposed of, or reused in a manner which eliminates the need for further maintenance and any threat to public health and safety or the environment. Du-All Safety is available to provide turnkey or general consultation to meet Closure Plan and Report requirements.

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Waste Management

Common wastes generated in industry that require special training, disposal documentation, and handling/storage procedures include, but are not limited to: used motor oil, waste paint, spent batteries and fluorescent light bulbs, contaminated absorbent material, sharps, and used solvents. Du-All Safety’s environmental specialists provide technical support and training to assist generators with proper waste management that is safe for the environment and complies with federal, state, and local regulations. We offer assistance and training to maintain compliance with both state and federal laws.

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